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The Parnassus Book Club

We meet three times a month to discuss outstanding books.  

Good news for readers of classics! The Davis-Kidd Classics Club will reform in the fall here at Parnassus Books! We will meet several times over the next year to talk about important, older books (generally published before 1960) that we either missed or want to revisit. Watch for upcoming dates and book selections!


"It's all about the book."

A recent feature on NPR entitled, "The Muscle-Flexing, Mind-Blowing Book Girls Will Inherit the Earth," defined a group of readers making heroes out of fiction writers across several genres. These book girls are passionate readers unafraid to share their devotion to reading and to authors. They talk about what they read and have become a marketing force to be reckoned with. They have cut their teeth on Harry Potter and moved on to The Hunger Games trilogy, the Divergent series, and the novels of John Green, as well as countless other popular individual titles. They are open and proud of their groups' shared passion for the book.

I was a book girl from my earliest days in the 1950's, loving Nancy Drew, the Little House on the Prairie books, and Anne of Green Gables. In the early grades, I was first in line when the Bookmobile visited our tiny Minnesota town every two weeks in the summers. Book reports were my favorite school assignment. However, by middle school, and definitely in high school, my reading became more circumspect and went underground. My friends tended to be the popular girls who didn't do that sort of thing, or at least didn't admit to reading much of anything. So although summers for me meant long tomes like Gone With The Wind, Anna Karenina, and the novels of Irving Stone, I didn't share my thoughts about them. I stayed in the closet until college days when it was hard, living in a sorority house, to hide all the reading I did both as an English major and for fun. My sorority sisters pretty much knew where to find me, either in the library or in my room, happily passing the hours with books.

How terrific it would have been to have had a group of other book girls during my teen years to validate and affirm each other and be recognized by others as okay for who we were, lovers of the written word. Of course, as adults, our book clubs can perform this function of affirming us as readers and giving us places to find friends of similar ilk. How great that these younger girls don't have to wait this long to enjoy being known as "book girls."

Parnassus Book Club Selections

July - The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, by Anton DiSclafani

On Monday, July 14th, we will meet and discuss the book amongst ourselves. Then, on Wednesday, July 16th, and Thursday, July 17th, we will be joined by the author, Anton DiSclafani, who will lead our discussion!

  • Monday, July 14 at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, July 16 at 6:30pm
  • Thursday, July 17 at 10am



August - The Dinner, by Herman Koch

  • Monday, August 18 at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, August 20 at 6:30pm
  • Thursday, August 21 at 10am






Parnassus book club meetings are free and open to anyone. Buy the book, read the book and join the discussion!

Kathy Schultenover, Book Club Coordinator

The Son (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780062120403
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Published: Ecco Press, 1/2014

ISBN-13: 9781594632709
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The Dinner (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9780385346856
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Hogarth, 11/2013